App Store Anti-Trust Concerns in DOJ

The Apple App Store and Google Play store are something of a duopoly. This is causing some anti-trust concerns within the U.S. Department of Justice. Bloomberg News looked at why the DOJ is starting to think about app store marketplace.

More than $100 billion was spent through these marketplaces last year. Apple’s App Store handled 45% of that, while Google accounted for 25%. In the U.S., the two control more than 95% of all mobile app spending by consumers, according to Sensor Tower data.This power means most developers must work with Apple and Google if they want to reach billions of smartphone users as customers. The companies take as much as 30% of app sales, creating highly profitable businesses — but also a rising chorus of critics who see an exploitative duopoly.

Check It Out: App Store Anti-Trust Concerns in DOJ

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