Sir Jony Ive on Design and Apple’s Values

Apple Chief Design Officer Jony Ive

Sir Jony Ive does not make a huge number of media appearances. When he does, they tend to be worth taking in. Design magazine Document has an in-depth interview with Sir. Jony and Dior top designer Kim Jones in its new edition. In it, he talked about design tools, the future, and the values that run through Apple.

To me, what the institution represents first and foremost is a set of values and a clear sense of why Apple exists, and what contribution we can make to culture—what contribution we can make to society. What I can bring to that is to practice what I do within those values and to extend them. I think it stems from my sense of curiosity. I’m absurdly, frantically inquisitive. Given that I’ve been at Apple for nearly 30 years now, I think I’m sort of steeped in those values. I think the values are powerful but they’re general, and it’s how you turn your curiosity and ideas into vision. I think that very simplistically describes my relationship with Apple.

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One thought on “Sir Jony Ive on Design and Apple’s Values

  • Jonny was good until he drank the Kool Aid and became instantly irrelevant to this day.
    When did that occur? When he designed the most important Mac in the company – the one Pros use – and made it not only physically stupid with insufficient i/o and lousy bespoke card utilization but really really ugly space wasting industrial design the ENTIRE world of designers mocked. But hey, he used to be good……📺

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