Keyboard Maestro: $19.99

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Keyboard Maestro is one of our own Dr. Mac’s favorite Mac utilities, and we have a deal on it for you. With Keyboard Maestro, you can create macros and trigger them with keyboard shortcuts to help automate regular activities. You can get it through our deal for $19.99.

Check It Out: Keyboard Maestro: $19.99

Keyboard Maestro: $19.99

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  1. Frank V

    I decided to buy it this time, thanks Bryan. It is indeed very powerful and versatile. I already replaced a couple of other utilities with it.

  2. LV_Doc

    Seriously, at that price, grab this. This program does an amazing number of tasks (far, far more than Automator), and the developer is top notch for customer service.

  3. Bob LeVitus

    It is indeed one of my favorite and most-used utilities… And $19.99 is a bargain (it’s usually $36).

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