Big news for video editors: LumaFusion 2.1.0 adds support for external drives on iOS 13. You’ll be able to browse for files directly within the app.

iOS 13 External drive support fully integrated in the Library. Select the new Files source in the Library, then tap “Add Link To Folder” to connect to any external drive or other app’s shared folder. Browse, preview trim, and add media to your projects. Press-and-hold on a linked folder to remove it at any time.

App Store: US$29.99

Check It Out: LumaFusion 2.1.0 Adds External Drive Support

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  1. dennyhenke

    No, this needs correction. This allows users to import from external drives. But the media files are imported onto the iPad storage. It’s not possible to work with media files in a project that stay on the external drive.

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