macOS Mojave Made Me Hate Dark Mode

macOS Mojave Mojave Dark Mode disappoints

I’ve been a fan of Dark Mode ever since Adobe added it to Photoshop CS6 back in 2012. That’s why I was so excited to see system-wide Dark Mode support in macOS Mojave, and yet Apple managed to make me dislike the feature so much I gave up on it. For now, I’ll be sticking with the pre-Mojave light colored windows and menus instead. I planned on using Dark Mode to cut the brightness out of Finder windows, but now I’m going back to what I did before: When I’m writing and my screen feels too bright I switch to Grayscale mode. Andrew Orr did a great job of explaining how to turn it on and off for your Mac as well as iPhone and iPad. Check out his tip.

Check It Out: macOS Mojave Made Me Hate Dark Mode

One thought on “macOS Mojave Made Me Hate Dark Mode

  • Some of us want to know… what made you dislike Dark Mode?

    (For me, it’s the odd app-or-two that haven’t added Dark Mode support. Lovely Dark Mode is great, until you open that one app with a glaring white background. Gah!)

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