“Mexico is the China of the Americas”

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Here’s another thing to put on your technology watch lists. Due to a combination of the economic consequences of the coronavirus and the trade war between the U.S. and China, many U.S. companies are moving their manufacturing out of China. Consulting firm Kearney publishes its Reshoring Index [PDF].

Kearney predicts companies “will be compelled to go much further in rethinking their sourcing strategies, (and) their entire supply chains.”

Amid other companies, Mexican manufacturing is one possible fork in Apple’s road, along with Vietnam. As Forbes states, the U.S. can’t compete with China on labor costs, and I bet few Western countries can. I don’t know what the cost is to manufacture in Mexico, but the country likely carries less risk than China.

Check It Out: “Mexico is the China of the Americas”

3 thoughts on ““Mexico is the China of the Americas”

  • You are absolutely right geoduck – these mfrg jobs aren’t coming back to the US. However, I would like to see some of those jobs go to Mexico though – Mexico is our neighbor and a democracy right on our border. It strengthens North America as a unit and shortens supply chains – which is good for the environment too!

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