Microsoft Wants to Create a Universal Digital Identity

Microsoft and Mastercard are teaming up to create a universal digital identity that the want everyone to use.

Today’s digital identity landscape is patchy, inconsistent and what works in one country often won’t work in another. We have an opportunity to establish a system that puts people first, giving them control of their identity data and where it is used. Working with Microsoft brings us one step closer to making a globally interoperable digital identity service a reality, and we look forward to sharing more very soon.

This is the same Microsoft that recently pledged to share all of its technology with the United States military. A universal digital identity is an advertiser’s wet dream. It also creates a single point of failure for data breaches and hackers, like a Social Security Number.

Check It Out: Microsoft Wants to Create a Universal Digital Identity

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Wants to Create a Universal Digital Identity

  • Well that’s bound to end well – I already have one, trusted by a Global CA, its called Open-ID.

    Since many websites also think that using Facebook or Google is a solution for connecting authentication, I don’t do those either, don’t have a FB account, don’t need one, don’t want one.
    I read this morning that Microsoft are developing a new browser to replace Edge – based on the Chrome engine.. that could go two ways also.

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