Millennials Should Kill The Medical Industrial Complex

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Big Pharma isn’t satisfied with old-fashioned television ads. Now they’re partnering with Instagram influencers.

In a pink tutu against a pink backdrop, Erin Ziering, wife of former 90210 star Ian Ziering, advertises Allergan breast implants and Botox side by side in a December 2018 post — the same month the company pulled its textured implants from European markets in response to a notice from the Food and Drug Administration that individuals with breast implants are at risk of developing breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL).

Let’s put the “medical industrial complex” on the list of things millennials should kill. Maybe then we wouldn’t have Goldman Sachs asking whether curing patients is sustainable.

Check It Out: Millennials Should Kill The Medical Industrial Complex

3 thoughts on “Millennials Should Kill The Medical Industrial Complex

  • Well who is anyone to tell anyone what the ‘right’ forum to advertise in? Why is the lipstick industry more entitled? I don’t see it. And while I may have my own personal view of it, seems pretty arbitrary and subjective to regulate that.

    Agreed on goldman.

    As for why, the same reason you don’t let toddlers run a nuclear plant. It’s not a good idea. Let me know if the person in the court room confesses! 😀

  • Yea, I’m sure doctors and scientists will decide to work for ‘likes’, and feed their kids with that.

    The goldman question is disgusting, but necessary. If you need $10B to develop a drug, and it’s for the benefit of say 1M people, how do you pay for that? Does that mean you have to charge 10,000 per cure shot just to break even, so maybe 20,000 for a shot?

    Will people think that is outrageous? I for one would be great with that knowing, for example, I never have to deal with painful repeated treatments (assuming that was an alternative), but many people would balk. Maybe most would.

    So you can be glib, but that won’t change the reality of the analysis you need to make these ventures work.

    As for instagram influence by pharama, what makes it worse than every other industry using ‘influencers’, and perhaps your deathward glance might be better focused on such sell out ‘influencers’ themselves and/or social media itself?

    I’m not sure when you became the pied piper for millennials, but be careful what you wish for.

    1. Research isn’t free, to be sure. But just like the TV ads, I’m not sure Instagram is the place to be advertising medical things either. It’s one thing for an “influencer” to try lip gloss and then post on Instagram about how great the lip gloss is, it’s quite another for one of these people to “advertise” cholesterol medication or implants like the article mentions.

      Is the Goldman question callous? Absolutely. Is it already being asked? You bet your sweet Botox it is.

      Besides John, why not let millennials take a crack at destroying a complex? Let them have their fun, we’re old and have better things to do. Matlock is on! (;

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