Missing iPhone 12 Charging Plug to Provide Sales Boost in Key Area

MagSafe charger

Apple framed the decision to remove a wall adapter and headphones from the iPhone 12 box as an environmental decision. I noted that it was probably something they would do anyway to encourage customers to buy more accessories. Well, according to a note from Deutsche Bank seen by CNBC, that’s exactly the case.

Deutsche Bank analysts picked up on that potential growth in a research note earlier this week. “While [Apple] claims that they are not shipping earphones and a charging cube with the iPhone to save the environment (they are including a charging cord), the reality is that such a decision could drive a financial benefit for the company as well,” the Deutsche Bank analysts wrote. Looking beyond the near-term sales of the iPhone 12, Apple’s new magnetic charging system, MagSafe, is laying the groundwork for even more accessories for the iPhone. There have long been rumors that Apple’s ultimate goal is to remove the charging port in the iPhone, like it did for the standard headphone jack, which will in turn drive iPhone owners to buy even more extras for their devices.

Check It Out: Missing iPhone 12 Charging Plug to Provide Sales Boost in Key Area

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