Apple Ties Lack of Power Adapter and Headphones in iPhone 12 Box to Environmental Objectives

Lisa Jackson Apple environment solar panels

Apple VP Lisa Jackson made great play of Apple’s determination to help tackle climate change and limit its environmental damage during the company’s October 13 event. Appearing on the solar-paneled roof of Apple Park, she reiterated that the firm will have a net-zero climate impact by 2030. This encompasses its manufacturing supply chain and product lifecycles too. Furthermore, for the first time, the iPhone 12 will use 100% rare earth minerals in its magnets.

Good For The Environment And Good For Apple

However, Ms. Jackson also tied in Apple’s decision not to include a power adapter or headphones in the iPhone 12 box to its environmental aims. She said that “Apple customers already have over 700 million pairs of lightning headphones… and there are also over 2 billion Apple power adapters out in the world.” By removing these items, Ms. Jackson said that it “reduces the carbon footprint and reduces the miningĀ of precious materials.” It also means that box itself can be smaller and lighter, meaning 70 percent more products can go on a pallet. This reduces carbon emissions from the logistics chain. In total, “the changes we’ve made for iPhone 12 cut over 2 million metric tons of carbon emissions annually,” said Ms. Jackson. That’s apparently the equivalent of taking 450, 000 cars off the road per year.

Clearly, a company requiring such huge manufacturing and logistics resources is right to try and limit, or eliminate, the environmental damage it causes. It’s hard to doubt Tim Cook or Ms. Jackson’s sincerity when it comes to these matters. However, it does also provide a rather handy excuse to do something I’m sure Apple wanted to do anyway – not to mention it helps encourage people to buy new AirPods or power adapters from Apple.

2 thoughts on “Apple Ties Lack of Power Adapter and Headphones in iPhone 12 Box to Environmental Objectives

  • Sorry but I’m not buying it. They decided to stop including the brick to save money and reduce shipping costs. Then they decided to try to cover this unpopular but not unexpected, decision but an environmental fig leaf. I understand why they made the decision, it just seems more than a little disingenuous of them to dump the rational on the environment.

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