Mystery 23.7-Inch LG Monitor Appears in Apple Store

LG UltraFine 23.7

It is well known that customers can purchase a 21.5 in 4k LG monitor and a 27-inch 5K LG monitor in Apple stores. However, TidBits found a mystery 23.7-inch monitor during a recent visit, one marketed explicitly at Mac users. However, the box does not say that the monitor is 4k.

Here’s the weird thing: I could find virtually nothing about the 23.7-inch LG UltraFine Display online. It’s not listed on Apple’s online store or LG’s Web site. A Google search for its model number, 24MD4KL, turns up little, just a page showing an FCC ID and another showing Energy Star certification. The display is not to be confused with other LG displays that are well-documented online. But this new Apple Store model is different in that it’s explicitly intended for and marketed to Mac users—it says so right on the box. What it doesn’t say on the box is “4K.”

(Article Image: Via TidBits)

Check It Out: Mystery 23.7-Inch LG Monitor Appears in Apple Store

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