HDR & What You’ll Need to Know About the Next Generation Apple TV

Plain 4K vs 4K + HDR

There’s been a lot of exciting discussion about 4K UHD TVs with High Dynamic Range (HDR). This is something the next Apple TV will have to deal with, and so it’s time to read up. HDR & What Youll Need to Know About the Next Generation Apple TV points to a great HDR tutorial and explains why, when Apple finally announces a 5th generation Apple TV, you’ll want to look closely to make sure it supports HDR.

Check It Out: HDR & What You’ll Need to Know About the Next Generation Apple TV

3 thoughts on “HDR & What You’ll Need to Know About the Next Generation Apple TV

  • The biggest draw back for me is I use TiVo a lot with my Xfinity service.
    I would be on TiVo most of the time and not able to take advantage of the AppleTV features without changing inputs and remotes.
    I would love it if Apple could add the ability to run TiVo through the AppleTV as a pass thru with the AppleTV overlaid.
    And for 4k TVs, allow you to watch TiVo in a portion of the screen while using the rest for news, stock, scores banners and even running other apps on the AppleTV.
    If I could customize my viewing like this, that would be revolutionary to me.

    I say TiVo, but it could be any cable/satellite recorded or Live HDMI output into AppleTV.
    AppleTV doesn’t have to modify the content except to adjust picture size and audio volume.

  • Speaking of being ignorant… You bought a device that didn’t have the capabilities you needed? And now you may have to buy a newer version that does? Seems like Apple is pretty damned smart to be able pull money out of your pockets without you even realizing it.

    The AppleTV I bought last year is still going to work with my non-4K TV, regardless of what new features a new AppleTV will have. I do not feel like I wasted any money buying it.

    I also have an original AppleTV that can still play my iTunes library and still has the ability to buy and rent videos from the iTunes store, I can still AirPlay music to it and from it. That’s hardly what I would call “obsolete”.

  • Apple has a magical way of taking people’s hard earned money only to make the purchase obsolete in a year. I remember the head-in-the sand attitude here about UHD more than a YEAR ago and just now you’re talking about the next gen Apple TV finally adding what SHOULD HAVE BEEN THERE at least a YEAR ago. Typical Apple either greed or ignorance.

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