The internet infrastructure is vulnerable to climate change. The fiber optic cables that ferry data can handle some water damage, but they weren’t meant to be permanently underwater.

…within the next 15 years, in a scenario that projects about a foot of sea level rise by then, 4,067 miles of fiber conduit cables are likely to be permanently underwater. In New York, Los Angeles, and Seattle, the rising seas could drown roughly 20 percent of all metro fiber conduit. These are the lines that physically ferry our Internet traffic from place to place.

Another 1,101 “nodes”—the buildings or places where cables rise out of the ground, which often house computer servers, routers, and network switches to move our data around—are also expected to be swamped.

Check It Out: We Need a New Internet That Can Withstand Climate Change

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  1. jeffsz

    Oops! Fell for it a 2nd time: another Andrew Orr political propaganda piece posing as technology.

    If you are paying attention to the agitprop, after 12 years the Earth will be toast. So in 15 years it just won’t matter.

    Or, as the predomindant adaptive species on the planet, we’ll adapt and so will our internet.

  2. jackclark

    Wow, Unions of Concerned Scientists. NY AG. Can you quote a few more far left sources — all funded by millionaires and billionaires like Soros and Steyer. The problem with this garbage is that it’s 100 percent one-sided and absurd on its face. Again, how many of these ridiculous predictions have come true? NONE. You need to stop trying to force this propaganda down our throats — people are smarter than this.

  3. jackclark

    Really hard to take this website seriously publishing absurd nonsense like this. When have any of these climate scare stories come true? Go back and chronicle it.

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