There’s no New Content on Apple TV+. Again.

Original TV shows coming to Apple Music in 2017

I’ve generally been supportive of Apple TV+. I’ve even got on board with the weekly rollout of big shows, instead of having everything there for binge-watching. That strategy comes with one caveat though – new content needs to appear (almost) every week. However, as Cult of Mac noted, for the second week in a row there is nothing new today.

By comparison, this week Netflix debuted seven new series including Next In Fashion, Ragnarok, BoJack Horseman season six, and more. Disney+, meanwhile, got new episodes of Diary of a Future President, Marvel Hero Project, exclusive short Lamp Life, and the 2019 Lion King remake. As I’ve written before, I’m a big fan of Apple TV+ as far as quality goes. The service hasn’t had a miss yet — and it’s had quite a few hits. To me, Little America, Servant, and The Morning Show are all standouts. But even shows I wasn’t immediately won over by, such as See, are solid entertainment.

Check It Out: There’s no New Content on Apple TV+. Again.

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  • Yes, I am anxious to see the new episodes. Hopefully they will soon be aired. In the meantime we are enjoying The Late Regret, a Ukrainian telenovela series on the Apple TV YouTube channel.

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