What Happens When a Nonprofit’s Facebook gets Hacked?

Being hacked is a disaster for all organizations. For nonprofits, though, the consequences can be devastating. Facebook is one of the largest platforms for charitable donations. However, some organizations have claimed the firm does not provide sufficient resources to support them when things go wrong. Wired has investigated what happened to nonprofits when hackers took control of their Facebook pages and key information like donor data is exposed.

Facebook’s nonprofit efforts have also remained a public relations bright spot for the company while it’s been embroiled in one scandal after another since the 2016 US presidential election. And they play right into Mark Zuckerberg’s new mission for the company, to “bring the world closer together.” Last week, for example, Facebook announced that users contributed more than $125 million to nonprofits around the world during its annual Giving Tuesday event, over $80 million more than the year before. But some nonprofit leaders say Facebook’s decision to prioritize charitable giving hasn’t coincided with an appropriate increase in support for the organizations that use its products.

Check It Out: What Happens When a Nonprofit’s Facebook gets Hacked?

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