Third Party Lightning to USB-C Cables Arriving Early 2019

Apple Lightning to USB-C cable

Lightning to USB-C cables from third-party accessory makers look set to arrive in early 2019.  MacRumours has seen relevant. documentation that was given to Hong-Kong based website ChargerLabs. The paperwork indicated that firms in Apple’s Made for iPhone program should have the required parts by the middle of January 2019. This means the Lightning to USB-C products could arrive in shops in February or March.

Last week, Apple informed members of its Made for iPhone or “MFi” licensing program that Lightning to USB-C cables for charging and syncing are now permitted to be manufactured. These cables require a new Lightning connector with part number C94, which Made for iPhone program members can now order. Apple is selling the new Lightning connector to eligible hardware manufacturers for $2.88 per, and it is estimated to ship in six weeks, according to documentation shared with MacRumors by Hong Kong website ChargerLab.

Check It Out: Third Party Lightning to USB-C Cables Arriving Early 2019

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