Every 5G Enabled Smartphone

The introduction of 5G is one of the hottest topics in telecoms right now. Superfast networks are being rolled out by providers in certain cities in both the US and the UK. However, not every model of smartphone will have access to 5G, not straight away, at least. Indeed, as TMO has reported, iPhone users will likely have to wait until 2020. DigitalTrends published a list of all other phones that support 5G connectivity.

There is absolutely no doubt Apple will pick up 5G eventually, the only question is “when?” At the moment, the whispers indicate that the iPhone giant won’t be looking to release a 5G iPhone until 2020 — so expect 5G capabilities on the iPhone XIS, or whatever numerically nightmarish name Apple adopts.

Check It Out: Every 5G Enabled Smartphone

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