The National Security Agency continues to violate American rights when it comes to internet privacy.

The government attempts to defend this spying by pointing out that its “targets” are foreigners located abroad. But this is no defense at all. Americans regularly communicate with individuals overseas, and the government uses PRISM surveillance to collect and sift through many of these private communications. The government has even admitted that one of the purposes of Section 702 is to spy on Americans’ international communications without a warrant.

I’m shocked, shocked I tell you!

Check It Out: The NSA Continues to Violate American Rights

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  1. geoduck

    So I gtuess they are spying on me. I live overseas and so I mostly talk to people here. Plus I regularly communicate with my relatives back in the US.


    • Andrew Orr

      Oh yeah, even overseas. Look up “five eyes countries” some time. Basically the NSA cooperates with other spy agencies like GCHQ

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