Motherboard got an inside look at the NSO Group iPhone malware. It works fast and can infect fully-up-to-date Android phones and iPhones.

The company has a group of engineers dedicated to making sure the company’s tools keep working because cell phone companies are in a constant “war” against government hacking providers “to block all those open windows that allow companies like NSO to go in,” according to the entrepreneur who attended the meeting, who was told that as part of the company’s sales pitch.

Scary stuff. NSO Group sells its products to customers (governments) that target political dissidents, journalists, and even an Amnesty International researcher. It claims the product can’t work in the United States.

Check It Out: Inside Look at NSO Group iPhone Malware

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  1. JustCause

    I wish Apple would offer a security bug bounty, and I’m not talking small sums. If someone can pwn an iPhone, Apple needs to protect it’s customers. If it costs a $100k or even a $1mil, get it done.

    One day not too far off, AIs will be cracking OSes easily but until then humans are the best hackers.

  2. Lee Dronick

    How does this work? Does the iPhone have to be within bluetooth range with Airdrop enabled or can it be installed more remotely?

    “For every potential sale, NSO has to get explicit permission—an export license—from Israel’s Ministry of Defense. With that green light, the company then asks a so-called business ethics committee to approve the sale.”

    It is only a matter of time before criminals get a hold of it.

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