Big Cable Asks For More Money, Refuses to Discuss Internet Speeds

Big Cable companies are asking for more government handouts, and say “now’s not the time” to talk about internet speeds in the United States.

If the speed goes up, the percentage and competition levels go down – and spark uncomfortable questions like: why is the most technologically advanced nation on the planet providing slower speeds to fewer people at higher cost than any other comparable Western economy?

The answer is that U.S. telecoms want it this way. They want as much money from American taxpayers as possible while refusing to do anything. The real question should be: Why do we let corporations get away with so much corruption?

Check It Out: Big Cable Asks For More Money, Refuses to Discuss Internet Speeds

3 thoughts on “Big Cable Asks For More Money, Refuses to Discuss Internet Speeds

  • Not that I think the US cable companies can’t b a lot better (they’re greedy like all other for-profit corporations), but the facts are:

    The US internet avg speeds are #6 in the world. Mobile average speeds are much worse than many other companies – we’re #45 in the world for mobile avg.

  • Because Politicians take money. Period. The greed that is allowed in Capitalism makes it a failed model. If we were so perfect then the US would rank in the top of nations – but we don’t measure up in ANY metric unless it’s “we can blow you up pretty good” (but can’t defend against box cutters) That’s why 40% of abc nightly news is Big Pharma commercials aimed at whom? We little drones are supposed to remember to go to our Dr. and make him prescribe X with all it’s poison side effects when most Dr.s already know their job, and probably are already paid to prescribe a DIFFERENT medicine via kickbacks? Looks like we need MORE Govt control – again, to reign in the hubris of these monopolies that control our daily data flow. Not talk about speed? BS! While Asia has broadcast 4k and Europe has ALWAYS had a singular faster Internet speed?? double BS!!! (U.S. ranks 28th in mobile speed)
    Kids – if we don’t demand WHO takes WHAT from WHOM – full transparency from our so called “leaders” and boot the ones that take Corporate $$ and demand that Big Pharma, Big Oil and Big Military stop getting subsidized by we taxpayers – it will get worse.
    I hope Elon’s Starlink system will give those greedy ISPs a run for their money. 📡

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