Revogi Smart Bluetooth LED Bulb: $24.99

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Revogi Smart Bluetooth LED Bulb

We have a deal on the Revogi Smart Bluetooth LED Bulb, a smartbulb you don’t need a hub to control. It works over Bluetooth, and is controlled from an iPhone or Apple Watch app, or an Android device, if that’s your thing. You can control color and intensity, with support for 16 million colors. It’s $24.99 through us.

The Complete 2018 Learn to Code Bundle: $49.99

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The Complete 2018 Learn to Code Bundle

We have a deal on the Complete 2018 Learn to Code Bundle, aimed at people who want to develop with PHP, Ruby on Rails, Java, Javascript, Python, and more. It includes more than a thousand lectures, more than 220 hours of content, and more. It’s $49.99 through us.

ShutterGrip Puts a Handle on Your iPhone for Taking Photos: $29.99

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We have a clever little device for today’s deal, ShutterGrip. It’s a grip that fits on your iPhone and it has a Bluetooth button for triggering your camera. It’s designed to make your iPhone (or Android device, if that’s your thing) easier to hold and balance while you’re snapping pics, and it fits on most devices with or without a case. This is one of those products I’d have made a Cool Stuff Found if we weren’t running it as a deal.

Ztylus Revolver M Series iPhone Lens Kit:

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Ztylus Revolver M Series Lens Kit

Check out the Ztylus Revolver M Series of camera lenses for iPhone 7/8, iPhone 7/8 Plus, and iPhone X. It comes with a case that has a magnetic attachment on the back. Attach the lens kit, and rotate the lens you want into place, as shown in the video. It comes with six lenses, including two telephoto lenses, macro, super macro, wide-angle, and fisheye. It’s $49.99 through us.

Muse, the Alexa Voice Assistant for Cars: $59.99

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Alexa fans now have a way of adding Alexa to their cars with Muse, a device that sits between your iPhone (or Android device) and your car. It allows you to tap into Alexa for music controls, controlling your home Alexa devices, and more. Check out the deal listing for details.

Pay What You Want for the 2018 Arduino Enthusiast E-Book Bundle

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Arduino Board

We have a great deal for Arduino fans, a collection called the 2018 Arduino Enthusiast E-Book Bundle. Better yet, you can pay what you want. Pay anything, even a penny, and get one of the ebooks. Beat the average price ($10 as of this writing), and you’ll get all ten ebooks in the bundle. Beat the leader’s price, and you’ll be entered into a drawing for a Surface Book.

PDFConverterOCR 5 for Mac: $19.99

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PDFConverterOCR 5

We have a deal on PDFConverterOCR 5 for Mac. The name tells you what it does, but it also features advanced character accuracy and recognizes more than 200 languages. It’s $19.99 through us.

GOOSE VPN 1-Year Subscription: $14.99

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GOOSE VPN on a MacBook

We have a deal on a one year subscription to GOOSE VPN. The service includes 59 servers around the world, plus simultaneous use on an unlimited number of devices. Platforms supported include Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android. It’s $14.99 through us, and there are also three year and five year subscriptions.

NetSpot Pro: $39

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NetSpot Pro

We have a deal on NetSpot Pro for Mac, software that analyzes your Wi-Fi network. It also helps you visualize, manage, troubleshoot, audit, plan, and deploy wireless networks. A lifetime license for this app is $39 through us.

The 2018 Mac Essentials Bundle: $19.99 - Includes BusyCal 3

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The 2018 Mac Essentials Bundle

Check out the The 2018 Mac Essentials Bundle, a collection of 10 Mac apps that includes BusyCal 3, a 2 year VPN subscription, RollercoasterTycoon 3 Platinum, uBar 4, Flip PDF for Mac, and more. That’s a solid collection of apps, all for $19.99. Check out the details in the deal listing.

The Apple HomePod Giveaway

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Apple HomePod Giveaway

Hey, check it out: we’re giving away an Apple HomePod with our friends at Stack Commerce. To enter, sign up for The Mac Observer’s deal emails—if you’ve already signed up, click the “Enter to Win” green button on the deal landing page. The Sweepstakes ends in 26 days, so giddy up!

Pzizz Pro 3-Year Subscription: $49.99

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Pzizz Pro on iPhone

We have a deal on a three year subscription of Pzizz Pro. This service works through an app on your iPhone (or Android device, if that’s your jam). I haven’t tested it, but it’s well-liked by some famous folks, including JK Rowling. In any event, it uses “psychoacoustic principles to ease your mind and ensure your sleep is as regenerating as it should be.” A three-year subscription is $49.99 through us, 83% off retail.

1MORE Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones: $149.99

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We have a deal on a pair of 1MORE Quad Driver In-Ear Headphones. They’re THX Certified, and were tuned by Grammy-winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi. As the name suggests, they also have four drivers in each ear. They’re $149.99 through us.