Newly published Apple patents revealed that Face ID could be coming to Macs. The documents, reported on by 9to5 Mac, also suggested the Touch Bar could be coming to the Magic Keyboard.

The patent application spotted today by Patently Apple is actually for Face ID using a retina scan rather than a 3D map of the face. This is a type of technology used in some high-end security systems. Apple notes in patent claim #86 that devices with the Touch Bar may also use a biometric sensor that is “a facial detection sensor.” In patent claim #87 Apple notes “wherein the biometric sensor is a retina scanner.” This may be a genuine interest on the part of Apple to switch to a new technology for Face ID, or it may simply be the company covering all the bases – as it usually does in patent applications.

Check It Out: Patents Suggest Face ID Coming to Mac, Touch Bar Coming to Magic Keyboard

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