Perhaps Apple Shouldn’t Release an iPhone in 2020

iPhone 11 reveal

People have been speculating for a while about what the coronavirus outbreak means for global supply chains, not least Apple’s. It is all based on the assumption there has to be an iPhone in 2020. Over on iMore Bryan M. Wolfe says there doesn’t. It’s a view I’m increasingly sympathetic with – the world is in turmoil, does Apple really want to be waving shiny new devices around right now?

There’s nothing wrong with the iPhone 11. More importantly, with unemployment rising, now is not the best time for the company to release a new device intended for the masses. Instead, the company should use its first online WWDC conference to announce splashy updates for iOS, iPadOS, and other systems. Then, when this crisis (finally) ebbs, Apple should launch the iPhone 12 in 2021. I understand Apple just released a new iPad Pro. However, the line hadn’t been updated in nearly two years, so a refresh was justified. Same too for the 2020 MacBook Air, which includes the company’s well-received new Backlit Magic Keyboard.

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4 thoughts on “Perhaps Apple Shouldn’t Release an iPhone in 2020

  • Too bad Apple doesn’t have a compelling product to release soon, the iPhone has peaked as far as sales market share – Android will continue to rule the phone market but otherwise this would be the PERFECT time to release a new revolutionary – not evolutionary toy because people will have that fat check to blow and will be sitting around the house just itching to make themselves feel better. Heck I bought a guitar I didn’t need just because it was brand new, got good reviews and packed a heck of a lot of features – coil split, phase. treble bleed circuit into a classic electric at a good price with 12 pay no interest. But alas, just like Ford and GM (and unlike Tesla) Apple will beg for sales and hang on by NOT releasing anything new. Prudent, yet they missed a golden chance.

  • This too shall pass. By October the world will be returning to normal. If Apple does not stick to their more or less regular release schedule THAT would panic people. That’s why WWDC is still happening albeit remotely.

  • Silly. While I can understand the idea of not wanting to put out a huge product right now, by the time Sept/Oct rolls around, if we’re still dealing with this as it is now, we have much bigger issues to deal with. And people use them – they’re not just mindless toys, they’re used in all levels of business. They’re important tools and to avoid putting out new ones for fear that the numbers might not look as good as they could is silly.

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