Peter Cao’s Journey Using an iPad Pro as His Main Computer

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Peter Cao has used the iPad Pro has his main computer for several weeks now. In this article he shares some of his daily workflow.

Despite some hesitations from myself as well as others, I’ve not returned to the Mac and the iPad Pro continues to be my go-to computer. Now that it’s been a few weeks since my last piece, I’ve added a few things that aren’t necessarily new, but new to me when it comes to my daily workflow.

I love reading peoples’ stories of how they use an iPad as their main computing device. I plan to transition over as well and will be sharing my own story in the next couple of weeks.

Featured image by Joel Filipe on Unsplash

Check It Out: Peter Cao’s Journey Using an iPad Pro as His Main Computer

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  1. wab95

    Thanks for that link, Andrew.

    I’m intrigued that you plan to follow Peter Cao’s example and make that transition. I hope you’ll be posting updates on your progress, triumphs, warts and all. Looking forward to reading.

    As for me, I too am a huge iPad Pro fan. While I now take only my iPad Pro to conferences and meetings or even short hops, and rely on it as part of my workday (email first thing while my MBP is still waking and opening up apps), I recognise that I cannot yet transition, as some essential apps and functionality is not yet available for my professional tasks. I hope that the iPad gets there in near term, and that tools such as Stata and Endnote create iOS versions. Soon.

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