Photographer Ausin Mann could not wait to get his hands on a new iPhone 11 Pro and test the camera. His conlcusion following a trak in China with the device? “If you are a serious photographer, get a Pro.” He explained why in a blogpost, which also contained some stunning pictures (including the one featured on this article).

The addition of any new lens is a pretty big deal. You might remember my excitement when we gained the “telephoto” 51mm lens with the iPhone 7 Plus, and today I’m just as thrilled to be putting an entirely new Ultra Wide lens in my pocket. It gives us another format to tell the story, another perspective to visualize, and a better rounded tool for doing our best creative work. I’ve had a blast shooting with the new Ultra Wide on iPhone 11 Pro in all kinds of scenarios here in China.

Check It Out: Photographer Heaps Praise on iPhone 11 Pro Camera

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  1. chaywesley

    “conlcusion” : That doesn’t get by even the most basic of spell checkers. And since when has “blogpost” been one word? I really hate to say it, but “the Mac Observer” has gone to hell in a hand-basket.

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