We have a fun deal of the day for you, Populele. It’s a smart ukelele, by which I mean it interacts with an app. It also has LED-lit frets that work with the app to help teach you how to play. You also get real-time feedback and correction via sound-responsive technology. It works with iOS and Android, and it’s $179 through our deal. [Update: our deal includes the Accessory Kit that features a capo, canvas case, 2 picks, a string set, and a MicroUSB charging cable.]

Check It Out: Populele – the Smart Ukulele: $179 [Update]

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  1. Bryan Chaffin

    Thanks for the note! The Populele is $159 on their site, but that’s just for the instrument. Our deal for $179 includes the Accessory Kit, which they’re offering for $189. And I didn’t make that clear in the deal. I’m updating it now to include that information. Thanks again. 🙂

  2. artfulmanager

    Ummm. You’re aware that your price is $20 MORE than the manufacturers price on their website? Just making sure I understand the ‘deal’.

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