Powerbulb Charging Lightbulb: $29.99

Powerbulb Charging Lightbulb

We have a deal on something I’ve never seen before, the¬†Powerbulb Charging Lightbulb. It’s an LED lightbulb with two built-in 2.4 amp charging USB ports. You can get one through us for $29.99.

Check It Out: Powerbulb Charging Lightbulb: $29.99

2 thoughts on “Powerbulb Charging Lightbulb: $29.99

  • I think this is the dumbest idea, possibly ever, in the iThings dev world. Scenario:

    Wife: “I want to read the kids a bedtime story on the iPads, but I am almost out of juice!”

    Me: “Reach your hand inside the hot lamp, stumble to plug in a USB cable, then drape that cable across the hot bulb so you can charge your iPad while reading! While you’re at it, do it a second time so I can have an iPhone charging cable nearby. ….Oh, the white flimsy plastic around Apple’s iPad charging cables… I am sure that will be just fine. Apple only makes quality products, and those cables never have problems….”

    Later: “What’s that burning smell?”

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