Why are Powerful Women Still Rare in Google Images?

So asks Melissa Locker. When you type in the word “CEO” for example, in Google Images, most of the results you see are men. Women “made up only 11% of the CEOs that show up in a Google Image search.”

Granted, Google Image search results are not frozen in time (they change based on things such as the news cycle, for instance), but the lack of women CEOs in these results raises important questions about the lack of representation of women leaders in media, and how that relates to their lack of representation in the real world.

Check It Out: Why are Powerful Women Still Rare in Google Images?

5 thoughts on “Why are Powerful Women Still Rare in Google Images?

  • I’m so tired of this site. I wish the account settings offered a delete account button. This site should have a DNC logo at the top. It’s just Democrats writing a bunch of articles in various ways support their mindset. How boring and dishonest to portray it as just an Apple site. I’m officially tuned out.

    1. And before this is construed as being against women as CEO’s. No, as I have already said, I am fine with that. I applaud it. Women are fully capable of leading companies, and leading countries. What I object to is the constant creation of issues and posting articles like this on a Mac site. I come to a site called “The Mac Observer.” The last thing I expect to see is: “Google isn’t showing enough women CEO’s in picture results.”

      Do you even comprehend how weird that is to conservatives? We swing by MacObserver while eating a sandwich, looking to see what’s up in the Mac universe, and instead we’re greeted by gender politics. There is a place for such discussions. It ain’t the Mac observer. It’s your site. You can post whatever you want here. But this is truly a case of where “I didn’t leave the Mac Observer, it left me.”

      It’s a general issue in the world today that happens on many sites. Fundamentally, as a fan of Mac Observer, I’m sad to feel so pushed away by this stuff that I need to stop reading. But yea it’s time I delete the favorite and move on. Peace.

    1. Why let logic invade this discussion? Clearly, it needs to be 50% women, even if that has no correspondence to reality. In fact, to right historical wrongs, it should be 100% women and pictures of men should be banned. Because apparently the author of this article thinks that search results are a way to push societal change, rather than being… well… search results that reflect what’s available on the web.

    2. Bear in mind, I have daughters, and I sign them up for coding classes, and I think it would be awesome if they became CEO’s. But articles like this seem to go beyond giving women a choice, and actually start pushing women into things. And I don’t think men OR women should be pushed into things.

      Although I have kids, I’m also gay. And I have noticed that an extremely high ratio of coffee baristas are gay. I mean like, a way higher ratio than other jobs. I have no problem with this, and I think it’s kind of cool. I think it would be wrong to insinuate that too many gays is bad. Likewise, it’s not wrong that too many men are CEO’s. And even if it is wrong, I need Google search results to be… well, just search results. I don’t need to receive a subtle message through (yet another) algorithm that women can be CEO’s. Yea, we all understand women can be CEO’s. Now stop turning my search results into some kind of propaganda to condition me.

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