Should Apple Create a Video Platform for Creators?

In 9to5Mac‘s Reddit-esque Change My View series, Ben Lovejoy writes that Apple should have a video platform for creators.

What I’m proposing is that Apple create a platform for creators of original content. Like YouTube or Vimeo, but with greater control and focus…I’d love to see someone do YouTube properly. Take it back to its roots as a true platform for original content providers. And there are two reasons I think Apple could be the right company to do it.

I can’t decide if I agree or not. I don’t think Apple needs to do everything, and if there’s already a size-able contender like YouTube, it would be hard for Apple’s platform to compete. This is similar to why Apple doesn’t have its own search engine. It might be easier for Apple to just buy Vimeo than create a platform from the ground up.

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One thought on “Should Apple Create a Video Platform for Creators?

  • No way. Who would trust Apple to not kill it off. Remember “Ping”? Remember “iWeb” with webhosting on Remember “Aperture” for creative photographers? Apple’s history is long and so are memories.

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