Well, isn’t this timely? On the heels of the House voting to allow ISPs to sell our browser history, we have a deal on a 2-year subscription to Private Internet Access VPN. We haven’t tested their privacy claims yet, but for those interested in a VPN, this might be a good deal for you. The deal is for $59.95, but you can also get an additional 15% off with coupon code DIGIWEEK15.

Check It Out: Private Internet Access VPN 2-Year Subscription: $59.95

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  1. kreios

    I don’t discount you are having problems but I am using this without issue on two iPhones, two Macs, and even on my router. Working as advertised.

  2. W. Abdullah Brooks, MD

    @palmac: Thanks for the warning. Hopefully, you’ll be able to set your iOS aright, with or without help.

    Bryan: We do need a survey on the available VPN options out there, including which ones will truly protect our data, as there appears to be some concern that privacy is not as universally advertised. It would also be helpful to have a discussion around the pros and cons of VPN (best case) vs TOR, as not many people know of or understand the latter option.

    Any chance that ACM or MGG might address these?

  3. palmac

    UPDATE: Several hours of constant tech wrangling later and I still can’t access the internet from my iPad or iPhone. Furthermore this app has screwed up my iPad so much I can’t restore a backup, I can’t restore to factory settings, I can’t delete the app from the apps list, it’s a mess.

    Bryan Chaffin, you better delete this article before any other Mac users try to sign up for this disaster. Doesn’t matter how much you save when this junk causes so much trouble.

  4. palmac

    Do _NOT_ sign up for this if you use an iPad or iPhone! I just did and now both my mobile devices are unable to access the internet through my Mac. There is nothing on their web site about this situation and it takes them a day or two to answer tech problems. Basically, you get this VPN and you can kiss your mobile devices goodbye.

  5. W. Abdullah Brooks, MD

    Thanks, Byran.

    Now might be a great time for TMO to do a review of the various VPN services in the wild.

    If it’s already been done, let us know.

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