AppleInsider writes:

Apple aimed the new Mac Pro at the most demanding of all high-end users, so we went to users like that and asked what they thought. Video editors, medical experts and the Department of Defense are all considering this new Mac closely.

Hearing the reactions and purchase plans from pro users carries enormous weight.

Check It Out: Pro Users Tell What They Think of the New Mac Pro

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  1. gGrant

    Adobe users will be waiting a long time for satisfaction. There’s a reason Apple demoed Apple pro software – Adobe is usually the last to catch up to Apple’s platform changes.
    Gives room for Affinity to kick Adobe butt for a few years.

    Those waiting for FULL photoshop to arrive on iPad are going to be deeply disappointed when “real” photoshop arrives. Didn’t see that at WWDC, did you?

    I truly hope Adobe users gain from 2019 Mac Pro, but it will take 5 years for Adobe to really catch up to the full potential of the machine.

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