Karl Bode writes about corporations talking about the “race to 5G”, saying that it’s more like a race to bigger profits.

The “race” rhetoric is largely an illusion created by companies eager to do the bare minimum in exchange for as many subsidies, regulatory favors and tax breaks they can grab. This mindless regulatory capture has resulted in a US Telecom sector that routinely ranks in the middle of the pack in every metric that matters. While 5G will be a good thing when deployed at scale, it’s foolish to think the new wireless technical standard will address the deeper rot that plagues the sector.

Check It Out: Here’s What the ‘Race to 5G’ Really Means

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  1. geoduck

    Great Article. Pretty much tells it like it is. It’s all about graft, corruption, and political posturing. Good service at a reasonable price is way down the list. It’s almost out of sight next to good customer service.

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