Readdle creates apps like PDF Expert and Documents, and it’s celebrating Black Friday 2019 with deals until December 2.

PDF Expert for Mac at 40% off

Black Friday Bundle at 50% off: Apps include Scanner Pro, Calendars 5, PDF Converter, and Printer Pro

Premium Features in Calendars at 40% off

PDF editing in Documents at 50% off

I no longer use Readdle apps but these are great deals for great apps.

Check It Out: Readdle Celebrates Black Friday 2019 With Deals up to 50% Off

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  1. wj45


    This is just one reader’s perspective, but to say that they’re great apps, but that you “no longer use them” – in the same sentence – doesn’t exactly inspire confidence. They may very well be great apps, but it does dampen a reader’s enthusiasm to read it as written. It definitely adds confusion, at least for me.

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