'Scanner Pro' Update Will Remove Your Fingers...From Document Scans

Scanner Pro introduces the Magic Eraser – an AI-powered tool that lets you remove unwanted fingers, punch holes, and coffee stains to get a flawless scan. This is especially useful for scanning books, passports, or anything folded. When you hold the page down, your fingers can get into the scan making it look unprofessional. Scanner Pro automatically detects fingers on your scans lets you erase them in one tap.

Readdle Releases Improved 'Documents X' File Manager

On Thursday Readdle has announced the launch of Documents X, a powerful update to its file manager. Features include Smart Actions to speed up your workflows, and faster access to cloud storage. Smart Actions are contextual recommendations that save your time, suggesting the best next action to take. Examples: Upload a file to Dropbox, and Documents suggests you share a link; Open a web page with a PDF file, and the app offers to download it; Download a music video, and Documents suggests extracting audio from it; Save a PDF from another app, and Documents lets you sign it right away; Move a photo, and Documents can show you its new location.

Readdle's 'Spark' Mail Introduces Shared Inboxes for Teams

Readdle announced that it has updated Spark Mail to include Shared Inboxes for teams. It lets multiple team members to simultaneously access common email accounts (like [email protected] or [email protected]) and enhance collaboration by assigning emails, setting deadlines, discussing emails internally and even drafting emails together in real time. People can use this feature on Mac starting today. The iOS support follows in a few days while the Android version is being rolled out over the next two weeks.

‘Documents’ by Readdle Updates Video Player With Chromecast Support

Documents by Readdle got major updates to its video player recently. Users can now extract audio from video, multitask with a video mini-player, stream with Chromecast, and more. Extract audio from video. Get an mp3 file with the sound while your original video remains untouched. This is great for lectures and music videos. Multitask with Video mini-player.Watch a video in a small window while doing other things in Documents. “Always Landscape” mode. Enjoy movies comfortably as Documents plays videos in the landscape orientation no matter who you rotate your iPhone. Chromecast support. Stream videos from Documents to your TV with Google Chromecast and use your iPhone with Documents as a remote control. Lots of our users were waiting for this.

Readdle’s Scanner Pro App Gets Enhanced OCR, Full Text Search

Readdle’s Scanner Pro app received some new features in its update on Thursday. First, the Text Vision (OCR) feature got enhanced. It automatically recognizes the text of all your scans, so you can select, copy, and export it to other apps. Next, search in the content of your scans, not just their titles. Scanner Pro now automatically turns all your scans into searchable PDFs. Finally, there is a new business model. Scanner Pro is free with basic features and a subscription gives you watermark-free scans, Text Vision, full text search, password protection, and automatic upload to cloud and workflows.

Readdle’s Apps are Ready for iOS 14 Features

Readdle is ready for iOS 14, having recently updated its suite of apps for iOS 14. Spark, Documents, Calendars, Scanner Pro, and PDF Expert are all set. Here are some new things. Documents: Widgets for recent and favorite files, music, and file actions; picture-in-picture on iPhones. PDF Expert: Scribble for Apple Pencil; widgets for recents and favorite PDFs; faster folder navigation. Calendars: Widgets for events, tasks, and conference calls; faster search for events; create events with your voice. Scanner Pro: Widgets for important documents and fast scanning; search through OCRed text with Spotlight; annotate your scans. Spark: Set Spark as your default email app; widgets for important emails and calendar; OAuth support for Office 365 accounts.

‘Documents by Readdle’ Update Adds VPN for Browsing

Documents by Readdle is a popular app for file management, and its most recent update added a VPN. They say it’s “the world’s fastest VPN service” although I don’t know if Readdle has its own servers or is using another company’s servers. In any case there are two pricing tiers available: A free plan that gives you 50MB/day, and a paid plan with Documents Plus that costs US$89.99/year or US$12.49/month. I’ve been seeing more companies trying to get a slice of the VPN market, and the trend will continue as privacy awareness increases. Is this VPN something I recommend? Probably not. Instead, there are VPN companies with proven track records, like ProtonVPN, NordVPN, and Private Internet Access. Check out the link below to read Readdle’s blog post, and use this link to download Documents.

Update: Andrew Orr discussed this article on Security Friday.

‘Scanner Pro’ Adds Feature to Remove Shadows From Document Scans

Readdle updated its Scanner Pro app recently that can remove shadows from your document scans. This is helpful in situations if your hand casts a shadow on the document while you’re scanning it. Shadow Removal automatically works while scanning in both the black & white mode and color document mode. You can also use the edit menu to fix old scans. App Store: US$3.99