A Terrific Review: Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4

Jason Snell, at Six Colors, has written up a very nice review of the Apple Watch Series 4.  Notable is the assessment of which previous generation owners should upgrade to Series 4. And he doesn’t forget to note: “Apple also won’t let you buy a Stainless Steel model unless you buy the cellular edition. That double penalty means you can’t get a stainless Series 4 for less than $699.” Check it out.

Check It Out: A Terrific Review: Apple Watch Series 4

One thought on “A Terrific Review: Apple Watch Series 4

  • I’m sure it is a great watch. Now if they could only follow that up with actual info to their vendors as to approximate ship dates. Pre ordered a phone and watch on the 14th. Expected arrival was the 21st. Phone arrived on time. No one seems to have a clue when the watch is coming. Bought from Best Buy.

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