Users Have Right to Be Forgotten by Google, But Only in the EU

EU Justice

The European Court of Justice ruled Tuesday that users have a right to be forgotten by Google. However, Reuters reported, this only applies in the EU.

In its judgment, the Court of Justice of the European Union said the right to have personal data protected was not an absolute right. “The balance between the right to privacy and the protection of personal data, on the one hand, and the freedom of information of internet users, on the other, is likely to vary significantly around the world,” it added. Google welcomed the decision, saying: “It’s good to see that the court agreed with our arguments.” The world’s predominant internet search engine has previously warned of the dangers of overreach by Europe. In a blog post two years ago, it said there should be a balance between sensitive personal data and the public interest and no country should be able to impose rules on citizens of another.

Check It Out: Users Have Right to Be Forgotten by Google, But Only in the EU

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