As It Turns Out, Yahoo Isn’t Actually Dead Yet

In today’s weird news, apparently Yahoo is still around. I only know this because they recently created a new logo, and now the media is reporting on it. Which, of course, was the point. This is Yahoo’s God’s Not Dead moment.

The new logo keeps the purple and the exclamation point, but it ditches any remnants of the company’s many previous marks. Instead, the Pentagram-designed identity is crisp and friendly, with thick and curvy letterforms. Its main surprise is its exclamation point, which is slanted like an italic. To be exact, that slanted angle sits at 22.5 degrees—and it recurs throughout the new branding.

The new exclamation mark is rebellious yet familiar—and definitely masculine, as if Yahoo is wielding it like a club to beat out of your head the knowledge that Yahoo Mail was the biggest data breach so far.

Check It Out: As It Turns Out, Yahoo Isn’t Actually Dead Yet

One thought on “As It Turns Out, Yahoo Isn’t Actually Dead Yet

  • I have been using Yahoo Sports and Yahoo Finance apps. I like both apps and tend to use the website on occasion. One of the reason is that they do story aggregation and do not show biases in their coverage. Their aggregation model selects from a lot of media sources so you can get a broad spectrum of news and information. Yahoo also has its own reporters to provide content. Their model is probably the most underrated of all the news and news aggregation services.

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