'Pixelmator Photo' Launches for iPhone With 50% Off Introductory Deal

Previously only available for iPad, Pixelmator has released the Pixelmator Photo app on iPhone. It features over 30 desktop-class color adjustments, support for over 600 RAW image formats, including Apple ProRAW, deep integration with the Photos app and iCloud Photos, tools powered by groundbreaking machine learning technologies, and much more. It even includes the company’s ML Super Resolution tool, a way to scale up your images using AI. So far I haven’t seen any actions for Pixelmator Photo within Shortcuts. The price says that the deal is US$3.99, but it downloaded for free on my iPhone because I already had Pixelmator.

A Collection of Concept Art From Apple TV+ Show 'Foundation'

Kotaku has put together a collection of concept art from the science fiction show Foundation on Apple TV+.

That comes across pretty quickly watching the show, but it’ll be even clearer here as we take a look at a variety of artists’ contributions to the series, from Paul Chadeisson’s trademark ship designs, to the costume design of WETA’s Adam Middleton.

This isn’t a collection of everything from everyone who worked on the show, but it does give us a cross-section of pieces, covering characters, environments, and weapon and ship designs, all of which I think look cool as hell.

Adobe's Behance Platform Adds Support for NFT Art

Behance, a portfolio platform for graphic designers, will let creators connect their crypto wallet to showcase NFT art.

The company is working to include blockchains like Polygon, Solana, Flow and Tezos. It is also partnering with NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, SuperRare, KnownOrigin, and Rarible to display provenance data from the Content Authenticity Initiative — which is now built into a number of Creative Cloud tools — visible on their sites, in addition to Behance.

'Monodraw' is a Multi-Purpose Mac ASCII Editor

Monodraw is an editor for Mac that lets you design ASCII art and create diagrams, mind maps, banners, and more. From the website: “Monodraw allows you to easily create text-based art (like diagrams, layouts, flow charts) and visually represent algorithms, data structures, binary formats and more. Because it’s all just text, it can be easily embedded almost anywhere. Of course, exporting as images is also supported (PNG and SVG).” You can download a free trial or buy a license for US$$9.99.