Adobe Spark Launches Collaboration Feature ‘Shared Templates’

Adobe spark app suite

On Monday Adobe announced a new collaboration feature for its Spark app called Shared Templates. The Adobe Spark app suite helps people create social graphics, web pages, and short videos.

App Store: Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark Shared Templates

The new feature allows multiple users to create beautiful content from the same set of templates across web, iOS, and Android, making collaborations among designers, freelancers, creators and marketing/social teams easier and efficient. Spark will also allow creators to share their templates publicly to inspire their colleagues, customers and followers to create their own content.

Turn your project into a template by clicking Share in the top right, and then Make a Template. Fill out the template creation dialogue and add your new template to a Library, or create a new one. Your template is now available in the Library you selected.

With your template ready to go, navigate to the Library where your template is saved. Select the Share icon in the top right and select Invite to share the Library privately with select team members, or select Make public link to create an unlisted link that anyone you share it with will have access to.

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