Photoshop on iPad Updated With Refine Edge Brush, Rotate Canvas

Adobe updated Photoshop for iPad recently and added two features that users have been excited for: Refine Edge Brush and the ability to rotate the canvas.

Photoshop for iPad Update

Refine Edge brush is a tool for making selections, and it’s especially useful for selecting objects with fine details like hair and fur. It’s simple to use; just brush over an area with the regular select brush, and go over it again with Refine Edge. Adobe gave examples in its blog post so you can see the level of detail the tool is able to capture.

Adobe’s Head of iPad Engineering explained the two goals for the selection toolkit:

  1. Design a user interface that is familiar to desktop customers while also adapting it to maximize the pencil’s direct interaction with pixels.
  2. Make it fast.

Screenshot of Adobe refine edge brush At work

More improvements to the Refine Edge brush will appear in future updates.

With Rotate Canvas users can use a two-finger gesture to rotate while simultaneously zooming in or out. The rotation can snap at 0. 90, 180, and 270 degrees. The rotation doesn’t “stick” so when you reopen a file it returns to 0 degrees.

You can download Photoshop for iPad here.

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