Adobe Fresco 1.9 Update Brings Clipping Masks and Brush Management

Adobe announced updates to its Fresco drawing app on Thursday, bringing features like Clipping Masks, Brushes Management, Brush Stamp Preview, and compatibility with any Windows 10 PC with a modern Intel chip or Nvidia graphics processor.

Adobe Fresco 1.9

  • Clipping Masks: To “clip” a layer (or layers) to another layer or layer group below, just tap the layer with the content you want to constrain then tap the Clipping Mask icon in the taskbar.
  • Brushes ManagementTo get started creating a personalized set of go-to brushes, tap the ellipses icon (…) at the top of the Pixel brushes panel.
  • Brush Stamp Preview: This size-and-shape indicator for Photoshop, Pixel, and Eraser brushes will appear as soon as a stylus or finger touches the screen. It’s off by default so make sure to enable it in App Settings > Input > Brushes > Brush Preview.

Other features include Windows 10 compatibility, a quick actions menu in Recents, and an updated Touch Shortcut Map in the Help menu.

Featured image by Marcela Bolivar (via Adobe).

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