Update to Pixelmator Pro for Mac Rewrites PSD Engine

pixelmator pro 1.5

Pixelmator Pro version 2.1.3 has been released, and it includes new features regarding how Adobe Photoshop files (PSD) are handled.

Mac App Store: Pixelmator Pro

Update Notes

  • The PSD engine in Pixelmator Pro has been completely rewritten from the ground up, massively improving support for PSD files.
  • Shape layers in PSD files will now be opened as shape layers in Pixelmator Pro.
  • Many more advanced text features in PSD files are now supported in Pixelmator Pro, including symbol sizes and capitalization.
  • Layered TIFFs with embedded PSDs will now be opened with layers in Pixelmator Pro.
  • Very large PSD files (in PSB format) are now also supported.
  • Certain adjustment layers, such as Hue/Saturation, Exposure, and Channel Mixer will now be preserved when importing PSDs.
  • The rendering of effects has been significantly improved, too.
  • When exporting to PSD, you can now optimize for Apple pro apps like Final Cut Pro and Motion.

Other Improvements

  • More properties of ABR brushes are now supported, bringing much improved ABR brush import, including support for 16-bit brushes.
  • Maximum brush size has been increased to 5000 pixels.
  • When editing the vector points of shapes, pressing the Escape key will now exit editing without unselecting the shape.
  • When exporting images to JPEG or TIFF with CMYK color profiles, colors will now be preserved more accurately.
  • The selected appearance of the Info button in the toolbar has been updated to better match the look of macOS 11.
  • The appearance of the View button in the toolbar has been updated.
  • In rare cases, Pixelmator Pro would quit unexpectedly with certain Type tool settings customized in the Touch Bar. Fixed.

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