Lawmakers in Russia are considering a proposal to make having locally made software on smartphones and other devices mandatory, Reuters reported. Apple is a key player in the Russian smartphone market, and I can’t see the company being happy with this idea.

The bill, tabled at the lower house of parliament on Thursday, would allow authorities to draw up a list of mandatory, locally-made software. If passed, it would come into force in July 2020. Russia’s cell-phone market is dominated by Apple, Samsung and Huawei products. The bill also proposes fining companies that sell devices without pre-installed Russian software from 50,000 to 200,000 roubles (£630.94-£2,531.75) starting from January 2021.


Check It Out: Russia Ponders Law Making Local Smartphone Software Mandatory

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  1. Lee Dronick

    “Apple is a key player in the Russian smartphone market”

    Maybe it is time to fold ’em and walk away.

    • McD

      Why? Apple is the guest and should abide by local legislation and ideology.

      And before ‘Human Rights’ enters the commentary we should look at our own; the Russians aren’t bombing their ideology into middle-eastern countries, we are. In fact, they’re defending those countries against our massive human rights violations.

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