Safari 13 deprecates support for legacy extensions. Instead, you now how to download them through the Mac App Store. A GitHub user explained the uBlock Origin situation and recommends adblocking alternatives.

Get a content blocker. Not nearly as powerful as uBO, but the best option if you want to stay with Safari. Do not get the app called “uBlock”, this is unassociated with uBlockOrigin (read about the split here), and is simply a content blocker with a big negative feature of having acceptable ads built in

Check It Out: Safari 13 Just Killed uBlock Origin and Other Extensions

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  1. ikomrad

    Do you mean popup windows? Or are they annoying pop-overs that usually appear when your mouse gets near the edge of the page. They say “don’t leave, sign up for our mailing list!” Those are designed to keep you from leaving the site.

  2. rjackb

    Yikes, wish they wouldn’t advertised the change in extensions a bit more because I installed Safari 13 (after looking at the list of changes which didn’t mention extensions) and my 1Password extension no longer works which is a major PITA. Does anyone know how to downgrade Safari back to 12.1.2 (which I still have a copy of on another machine)?

  3. Lee Dronick

    I wish Safari could block popups. No I don’t want you to send me notifications or sign up for emails. Put those links on the page.

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