Samsung Smartphone Sales Growth Slows

Samsung's Totally Original Profit Storing Machine

It couldn’t happen to a nicer, Apple and Samsung Settle 7-Year Patent Battle, Terms Not Known, but Samsung’s smartphone sales growth is slowing. This, from Reuters:

South Korean tech giant Samsung Electronics Co Ltd estimated on Friday earnings grew at the slowest pace in more than a year in the second quarter, as analysts said weak smartphone sales likely offset record high chip earnings. Samsung shares fell 2 percent as the guidance gave investors insight into how badly the decline in smartphone profitability is hurting the company’s bottom line, after it warned in April of an earnings slowdown amid tougher competition.

Check It Out: Samsung Smartphone Sales Growth Slows

2 thoughts on “Samsung Smartphone Sales Growth Slows

  • And of course Android continues to distance itself from iOS market share -so let’s see why Apple’s sandboxing is failing to grow, when Android continues to grow? Also, Samsung *alone* has a larger mkt share than Apple’s iPhone and BOTH saw sales declines in 2017. The writing is on the wall – just like the old Windows/Mac OS wars – it’s over. Android won the market share battle and Apple wins the profit margin battle over the slightly better selling Samsung phones. It’s quite possible that as a commodity, the mobile phone business has plateaued except possibly for 3rd world countries that will be hooked up soon via new satellite arrays from Elon etc. – but those countries won’t be using Apple hardware, most likely unless Apple creates a special, i.e. cheap smart phone for those markets.

  • I wouldn’t weep for Samsung; they aren’t dependent on any one product as they build your kitchen appliances, all electronics, even cars. But, your skirt is showing when you preen with little articles like this. d;D

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