Apple offers a variety of discounts – to veterans, to students, to government workers. However, as a reader highlighted to iMore, it does not offer such discounts to those with disabilities, despite the number of excellent accessibility features baked into Apple products. It’s a really interesting discussion, and the letter is very much worth reading.

I have tried everything else, which is to say Android and Windows. They are not the same. They do not work together seamlessly. They are not simple. They are not intuitive. They are not thoughtful. They do not have the built-in features I need. They do not have the third-party apps I need. They do not have Apple’s commitment to security. They do not have Apple’s commitment to privacy. They do not have Apple’s commitment to quality. They do not work with my brain… Accessibility features benefit everyone. It is disheartening when those features are not affordable to those who need it the most. Apple should extend discount pricing to all people with disabilities. Today.

Check It Out: Should Apple Offer Discounts to Those With Disabilities?

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  1. lkrupp215

    Sorry but this is nothing more than the entitlement game being played here. You’re great, Apple. I love you, Apple. But I’m entitled to more from you because of my ‘disability’. Gimme something.

  2. Ji Ruifu

    The devil is in the details. Define “disability”, if you please.
    And right after you have defined it, there will be a horde beating the door down and screaming discrimination because their “disability” is not recognized.
    These are the same sort of people who claim their snake/dog/spider/cat is a “comfort” animal and they can’t fly without them.

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