The Space Black Hermes Apple Watch Series is not available to order, according to AppleInsider.  It can still be selected from the Apple Website, but there is no delivery date.

Spotted over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, would-be shoppers visiting Apple’s Apple Watch purchase page are unable to pick up the black Hermes model. Prospective purchasers are able to still choose the Space Black color option while using the Apple Watch Studio tool —but the option to add it to cart for delivery or in-store pickup is not available. Anyone hoping to pick up the Space Black Hermes Apple Watch Series 5 shouldn’t concede defeat just yet though. Given that the model is still selectable in the configure tool, and still featured on the Apple product page, it appears only out of stock. But, the lack of an expected delivery date is unusual, especially during the holiday buying season

Check It Out: Space Black Hermes Apple Watch Series 5 No Longer Available

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