Steve Wozniak co-founded Apple 45 years ago and now he’s starting another company. It’s called Efforce, and according to CNBC it will reside “business in the green tech and blockchain space.”

According to Efforce, “investors can participate in energy efficiency projects buy [sic] acquiring tokenized future savings,” while companies benefit from such improvements “at no cost.” Using blockchain, “a smart contract redistributes the resulting savings to token holders and the companies without intermediaries based on exact consumption/savings data.”

Check It Out: 45 Years After Apple, Steve Wozniak Starts Another Company

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  1. FCompton

    They might sell this to the pointy-hair boss in Dilbert. This highlights the problem rampant in tech these days. There’s nothing left but to peddle garbage. Yikes!

  2. geoduck

    OMG if I heard this every SCAM alarm I have would be going off. The misspellings, the jargon overload, the vague promise of what they actually are doing and why, it’s just classic. If it wasn’t Woz… No even with him involved I wouldn’t touch this with a ten MILE pole.

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