Motherboard has published the story of Andrey Shumeyko, a double agent for Apple. He shared his story because he believes Apple took advantage of him.

Shumeyko said he established a relationship with Apple’s anti-leak team—officially called Global Security—after he alerted them of a potential phishing campaign against some Apple Store employees in 2017. Then, in mid-2020, he tried to help Apple investigate one of its worst leaks in recent memory, and became a “mole,” as he put it.

A really fascinating story.

Check It Out: A Spy Within Apple: The Story of Andrey Shumeyko, or ‘YRH04E’

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  1. geoduck

    I was taught that you did the right thing because it was the right thing. Turning leakers and people who sell stolen Apple property was the right thing. Compensation would be an enticement for someone who didn’t have the strength of character to just do the right thing. Now he’s whining that Apple didn’t pay him enough to do what he should have wanted to do for free. Well boo ho. Go take an ethics course

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