Lots of Arguments Against Cord Cutting Are Stupid

Curd Cutting

Despite cord cutting getting ever more popular, lots of people continue to put up lots of arguments against it. The thing is, most of them just do not make sense. Fast Company helpfully compiled a list of 6 of the dumbest arguments against cord cutting. Something to deploy, perhaps, when friends and family tell you to renew the cable subscription.

By dropping cable or satellite TV for cheaper streaming services–or perhaps an over-the-air antenna–you can easily save hundreds of dollars every year. Yet we’re constantly being told by a parade of contrarian pundits that this is actually a bad idea–that the savings are illusory or that some future consequence will doom cord-cutting in the end. Most of these arguments collapse under scrutiny, which might explain why people are ignoring the naysayers and abandoning cable and satellite TV in record numbers.

Check It Out: Lots of Arguments Against Cord Cutting Are Stupid

3 thoughts on “Lots of Arguments Against Cord Cutting Are Stupid

  • Cable and satellite are going the way of copper based landlines, everyone is pushing wireless. Even ATSC 3.0 will have a wireless component. I went to OTA four years ago (up to 55 channels in my area) and $11 for internet streaming (Amazon Prime and Boomerang). My only concern is when Ajit Pai and his ilk turn free OTA into a privatized, pay service.

  • “By dropping cable or satellite TV for cheaper streaming services”

    Well streaming comes via a cord and I am going to pay for most content one way or the other. I do have, and occasionally use, an antenna with the bonus that local programming is high definition which would be an extra fee from my cord provider.

  • While I am a cord-cutter myself, I didn’t find the arguments all that compelling; they relied on assumptions that are themselves unprovable (at least at this stage), and that is bad logic on any day. Typical internet opinion piece. – Reader beware—think critically before accepting as fact.

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